For companies, organizations, or institutions involved in clinical research, BioScape offers a unique solution on bio-image processing, storage, and analysis strategically designed to improve your trials success. Unlike traditional CRO’s, BioScape offers a tailored portfolio of services leveraging it’s extensive clinical research expertise and access to imaging core facilities to provide efficiencies in time, cost, and processes to your research needs.

Access to Medical Imaging Expertise

  • Specialized Neuro-radiologist & Nuclear Medicine physicians
    • Expert and consistent image review

  • Strong expertise in multiple diseases
  • Robust Analysis – Appropriate identification of key imaging outcomes

Maximize your trial investment

  • Competitive service fee
  • Flexible service portfolio
    • Ensure your compliance with regulatory approval agencies

  • Our proprietary technology and efficient process lead to your savings.

Industry leading turn around times

  • Visual image QC in less than 48hrs
  • Complete Image Analysis within 5 days (QC included)
    • Eligibility & Safety

  • Urgent Readings – within 24 hours
  • Real Time Data Monitoring will let to enhance you decision making

Increase your productivity

  • Quick results and good statistical power even with smaller sample sizes
  • Imaging protocol and training leads to increased site productivity and fewer delays
  • Customized forms and reporting to simplify your data interpretation